Free Speakers Bureau

Free Speech is a Chicago area speakers’ bureau that matches dynamic free speakers from the world of business, healthcare, or the arts with local organization’s program needs. All Free Speech speakers give presentations at no charge. This service is completely FREE for groups who need speakers. Free Speech is a community service project of Ginny Richardson Public Relations.

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Larry Bergnach is a free speaker with Free Speech speakers bureau

Larry Bergnach, a free speaker with Free Speech, gives a presentation on good old days of radio at The Birches in Clarendon Hills, IL.

From Ginny Richardson’s work at The Doings Newspapers and later in public relations, she accumulated a broad network of people including program chairmen from clubs and organizations. These folks would call and ask if she knew anyone who gave talks for one of their upcoming meetings. She had always recommended friends and/or clients who are entertaining speakers. These speakers want to teach others, tell of a personal mission or be better known in the community.

This very casual list of speakers grew. Ginny had been toying with some way to organize the free speakers bureau, but her public relations company, Ginny Richardson Public Relations, was so busy she never got around to it. Finally, in the spring of 1996, she named it Free Speech and formalized the list. GR-PR employees Jan Urso of Naperville, IL, and Pam Livingston of Chicago, IL, worked on the Free Speech project and sent many a mailer to clubs, libraries, chambers of commerce, rotaries, churches, etc. Requests started to multiply.

Mary Peterson Kauffold, a writer from the Chicago Tribune, heard about the free speakers bureau and wrote a very brief four paragraph story that appeared in late July 1996 in the DuPage section. It was titled, “Cheap talk for area groups,” and oh, the power of the press. The phone calls were nonstop.

So many people were (and are) interested in becoming speakers in the bureau, very high level people, all with experience and willingness to give a talk, unconcerned about the size of the audience or the donated time.

After years of running the bureau out-of-pocket, Ginny decided to assess speakers a one-time membership fee of $35 to join, just to cover the administrative costs. There is still no charge from GR-PR, Free Speech, to the club or group, nor can the speaker charge the group, not even mileage. In 2002, Andy Richardson, Vice President at GR-PR, took over the day-to-day operations of Free Speech.

It is a labor of love for everyone involved. We are extremely proud of the speakers and the wide variety of topics Free Speech offers. Today, at the 11 year benchmark, we offer more than 200 free topics. And it keeps growing.

Due to recent high demand for Free Speech speakers, we have launched a separate website devoted to Free Speech Speakers Bureau.

Please visit Free Speech at: